Business Transformation Division

Our Strategy

The Army continues to transform its business operations to be smarter, faster and cheaper. As the Army's single Human Resource integrator, the G-1 / M&RA must provide Human Capital Management processes that are ever more useful, relevant, and valued in the eyes of the Warfighter and their families. To meet this challenge, the G-1 / M&RA must transform its business processes to become more streamlined, agile, and efficient. The G-1 / M&RA Business Transformation Division uses Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Methodology and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) as the key enablers of these efforts within our organization.

The goal is to promote workforce development (people), provide necessary infrastructure to support Continuous Process Improvement efforts (process management), and define the framework for transforming the delivery of personnel support to the Warfighter (projects). Success requires commitment and dedication from each and every member of the organization. We will continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our business processes to provide readiness at best value.

Mission Statement

Optimize the critical processes that shape and enable the manning and well-being of the force and enhance the readiness and institutional strength of the Army by providing Continuous Process Improvement / Lean Six Sigma (LSS) services to ASA (M&RA), the G-1 Directorates, the Human Resources Command (HRC), and the Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA).