Continuation on Active Duty/Continuation on Active Reserve (COAD/COAR) Program


The primary objective of the Army's Continuation on Active Duty/Continuation on Active Reserve (COAD/COAR) program is to conserve manpower by effective use of needed skills and experience. The program provides an option for Soldiers found unfit by the Physical Disability Evaluation System (PDES) to remain on active duty or active reserve.

In addition to the Soldiers unfit finding, the Soldier must meet the following requirements:

  • The disability was not caused by misconduct or willful negligence
  • The disability was incurred during an authorized absence
  • The disability is basically stable or of a slow progression
  • The Soldier is able to work in a military environment without adversely affecting their health, posing a risk to other Soldiers, or requiring undue loss of time from duty for medical treatment to remain in the Army

Additional information can be found in the COAD/COAR briefing and information paper below


COAD/COAR briefing 9 April 2009


COAD/COAR Information Paper dated 9 November 2008