Army G–1

Deputy Chief of Staff, G–1

The Deputy Chief of Staff, G–1, as responsible official to the ASA(M&RA), provides advice and assistance to the ASA(MR&A), in addition to responsibilities and authorities as Deputy Chief of Staff, G–1 on the Army Staff. Among the duties as responsible official to the ASA(M&RA) are —

  1. Serving as the principal military advisor to the ASA(M&RA) and assisting the ASA(M&RA) in the performance of ASA(M&RA) responsibilities.
  2. Ensuring the current and future personnel readiness and well-being of the Army through the development and integration of policies and programs for the three components of the Army (Active, U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. Army National Guard) and DA civilian and contractor employees.
  3. Advising the ASA(M&RA) on matters relating to human resource life-cycle functions and readiness management.
  4. Developing, coordinating, and implementing programs and policies directly associated with accession, development, distribution and sustainment of military and civilian personnel readiness, and the readiness of Army units and organizations.
  5. Developing, defending, evaluating, and directing the execution of personnel legislation, policy, programs, and budgets for responsive, flexible, and effective human resources within Army operations worldwide.
  6. Participating in the AROC. Among the responsibilities as Deputy Chief of Staff, G–1 are —
  7. Developing policy that provides guidance for responsive, flexible, and effective human resource support to the Army.
  8. Maintaining support of operations and contingency plans in the following areas: structure, personnel acquisition, manning, and compensation development.
  9. Developing detailed human resource programs, budgets, and activities for execution of responsibilities and authorities in the life-cycle functions of manning, well-being, personnel technologies, soldier-oriented R&D, and personnel transformation.
  10. Directing operations of the Army’s military personnel commands and civilian personnel operations centers.
  11. Overseeing the officer accession and enlisted recruiting policy formulation and integration, to include processes of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command and U.S. Army Cadet Command, U.S. Accession Command, and U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, as related to Army end-strength management.
  12. Supporting the CSA in CSA’s role both as the CSA and a member of the JCS.
  13. Supporting the VCSA in the VCSA’s assigned Joint roles.
  14. Representing Army human resources in Joint concept developments, such as Defense Information Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) and associated military programs.
  15. Supporting and executing statutory responsibilities attendant to DA selection boards and officer career systems.
  16. Responsible for providing heraldic services to the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, OSD, and the Executive Office of the President on a nonreimbursable basis and to other military services and Federal agencies on a reimbursable basis.
  17. Executive agent for repatriation plans and operations, to include coordination within DoD and with other Federal, State, and local agencies in planning for the reception and onward movement of U.S. citizens and designated aliens in the continental U.S. and/or Hawaii who have been evacuated from overseas areas in time of emergency.